Welcome to the 507th Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol!


Welcome to the home of the 507th Ellijay Composite squadron of the Civil Air Patrol.

Senior member meetings are held the first and third Tuesday of the month at the Gilmer County Airport at 1830 hours  (6:30 pm) for all adult members.

Cadets meet Tuesday of each week from 1830 hours- 2030 hours, or 6:30pm - 8:30pm during the school year and in the mornings during the summer.

The Civil Air Patrol is a group of dedicated volunteers who are part of the Air Force Auxiliary chartered by  the US Congress. The mission is three-fold and includes:

Emergency Services, Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education.

Adult Members—can be pilots, first responders, lawyers, teachers, accountants, carpenters, bankers, retiree or actively employed business people, to name a few.  Cadets who join must be between the ages of 12 and 18. They will learn aerospace theory and practical applications, military discipline, physical training, character development and leadership.

The Civil Air Patrol’s largest mission since World War II was the Gulf Oil Spill during which more than 150 volunteers from 10 wings flew over the Gulf and took photos—thousands of them--- to be used for damage and need assessments, during  a period of 118 days.